Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog. I plan to use this space as a way to keep you readers informed of some of the more interesting (hopefully) parts of my day-to-day life as a recording engineer, musician, and lover of music. I've never "blogged" before so bear with me as this process evolves. I also plan on keeping this page updated with construction progress of the new recording studio that Mark Miller and I are opening together this fall. Dig it.. if you will.

On Friday 9/9/11, the wonderful Kim Gordon and I had a session. She came armed with a small mono tape recorder, loaded with a cassette containing about 15 minutes of solo vocals and 20 minutes of live basement jams (John Moloney, Bill Nace, Kim Gordon). The goal of the session was to choose the coolest jams and to give the recording a stereo image. We tried a few different things but nothing was giving the depth that we were looking for so, of course, we decided to try the Memory Man. No surprise, there. It sounded just right.

Tonight, I ran into Bill Nace over at Feeding Tube Records. He handed me a copy of "Fever", a compilation put together by Dennis Tyfus. It's a collection of artists covering "Fever." This past spring Bill, Kim, and I mixed their contribution to this record. Their band is called BODY/HEAD and are the first track on the record. Order yer copy here.

In case you're not familiar with Feeding Tube Records, it's a fantastic record store/label located on King Street in Northampton, MA. They are a large part of the local music community as well as a client of mine. They are planning on having these sweet T's available, too!

Shelby totally digs it!

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