Friday, August 31, 2012

Crazy summer

This summer has been absolutely crazy-busy with nonstop rock! I've hardly had a moment to catch my breath, let alone post to the blog.

When thinking about what to write this time around, I was a bit overwhelmed with thoughts of cool things done in sessions, amazing recordings, fun times outside of the studio, past projects that have been released, new gear, lessons learned, friends made, etc. I also thought it'd be fun to count how many bands I've worked with since my first session on May 6th 2012. I was amazed at the count: 16. I've recorded 16 different bands in the last 4 months. I am forever thankful to the bands for choosing to work at Sonelab with me. Luckily things have gone incredibly smoothly and we've had many happy campers. Here they are:

Fancy Trash
Chelsea Light Moving
Home Body
Friends of Yours
Guillermo Sexo
Psychic Blood
Four Eyes (they have no name and 2 new members!)
Black Francis
Baby Grand
Last Builders of Empire
California X
Trevor Healy
Egg, Eggs

Here are some pics from various sessions and happenings here at Sonelab:
Julia and I celebrating the new studio!
Matt Krefting, after being bullied by Rory.
Trevor Healy, getting warm on the 12 string.
Ted Lee's 40" and 28" bass drums.
My 26" Leedy bass drum. I love this drum!
Carr amps and great mics!