Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So many new releases to check out.

Hey all.

A small update, here.

Sonelab has been as busy as ever! And much of the previously reported-on project that were recorded here over the fall and winter 2012 are seeing a release or close to it!

Check out these things:

Speedy Ortiz has released a 7" on Inflated Records. These two songs (Kaprow and Hexxy) were recorded in November/December 2012 at Sonelab as part of the sessions that birthed their forthcoming full length. They are hot tracks. Check it out on Pitchfork.

Speedy Ortiz has also announced the release of the full length in question. It's titled Major Arcana and it will be release on Carpark Records on July 9th. It's a fantastic record that we all put 100% into. Look forward to this release.

Bunny's A Swine's new record has been done for a while now and is starting to receive press surrounding it's release. Bunny's A Swine put a lot into the writing of this record. It came to the studio ready to be recorded. We did it with flying colors. We're all very proud. And the vinyl will be quite a treat on the ears!

Psychic Blood, another western Mass treasure, has a new 7" out. It was recorded in summer 2012 at Sonelab. They're receiving boatloads of good buzz. Check it.

Placeholder, who span the great big state of PA, were at Sonelab to track and mix their forthcoming full length with yours truly. These fine young lads rock!

The 26" bass drum in all of its glory.

Matt Lorenz, AKA Suitcase Junket came in for three days to cut his new record. In those three days, we cut 27 songs! His "one-man-band" format is amazing. Coming through the studio monitors, it absolutely sounds like a full rock band! Once Matt digests the fruits of his labor, we will move forward on this overdub-free record!

A small portion of Suitcase Junket's amazing setup!
Bring it to Bear, the brainchild of Adam Zucker, was in during January. Overdubs (few) are done and I'm happy to report that mixing is also complete! We decided to mix this record OTB (out of the box!) - meaning through console faders with analog outboard equipment. Due to the material and time constraints (and often distance between clients and I) a lot of my mixing is done "in the box" for the sake of instant recall. It was a JOY to mix BitB through my console and I hope to do this more often.

Lovely to mix with real gear!
More OTB mix shots!
The summer calender is filling up and I'm already getting some really amazing inquiries for fall and winter recording! If you're at all interested in soaking up some goooood sonic vibes, please reach out.