Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Studio

When Bank Row Recording closed, I quickly began my search for a new home. I finally got in touch with Mark Miller (Slaughterhouse Recording Studio) only to find out that he and I were in a similar situation. We decided to join forces and build an incredible new recording studio/music complex in Easthampton, MA. There are two sections to our complex: the recording studios and the practice spaces.

Recording studios: Mark and I realized very quickly that we needed our own control rooms. We have unique collections of equipment and use different techniques to get the results we want. We've put extra thought and care into the soundproofing of our studio to insure that sound transmission will not be an issue. The studios will encompass approximately 3,000 square feet and include a lounge, flex room, storage, two control rooms, many iso rooms, a drum room, and an enormous live room.

Practice spaces: Mark and I both saw the need for a music rehearsal complex in the Pioneer Valley so we decided to use some of the space available to build 10 spaces. Each space will be about 20'x17' and will be walled with quietrok to add a bit of soundproofing. These spaces will be on the ground floor, down the hall from the recording studios. The access will be 24 hours, 7 days a week and will include key-card entry into the main complex and heavy duty locks/doors to each individual room. The spaces are centrally located off the bike path in Easthampton and will be safe/secure. We've managed to drum up quite an interest in these spaces already, and only have a few left. If you're interested, please reach out.

We're hoping to move in early October and start recording half way through the month! The construction of the practice spaces is on the heels of the studios. Stay tuned for updates.

Here are some pictures of our progress in the recording studios:

Standing in Mark's control room: the full length of the live room.

Standing in the live room: looking at the front wall of my control room.

Standing in the future drum room: looking at the entrance to one of my (2) iso rooms.

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