Monday, January 1, 2018


Thank you everyone. 2017 was sick!

Chad Kestrels came down from Canada. It was AWESOME!!

2017 was quite a year. I feel like I did some of my best work in 2017 (that's good, right? I'm growing, learning, loving my job more and more!).  No question about it: I'm very fortunate to work with all of the bands I get to work.

I'm looking forward to 2018. I feel very confident in my equipment collection and like I'm in a really good groove. Last year was one killer project after another and I feel like I'm ready to move forward on that flow. I did a lot of unattended mixing with bands from Croatia, Australia, Boston, LA, NYC, and more. I always have a lot of fun doing that!

I'm booking 2018 right now and have availabilities as soon as January! If you have some last-minute needs, let me know. And if you're thinking long-term, it's never too soon to reach out.

Every month of 2017 was filled with great projects. I picked the ones where I spent the most amount of time working on. Here is one session from every month in 2017:

January: Dirt Devil tracking/mixing sessions- lots of fuzz.. beautiful songs.. one of my favorite records of 2017
Dirt Devil's sick pedals

February: Kindling - Hush recording sessions.. was lucky to be a part of this one. it was wonderful to see this band grow leaps and bounds.

the "clean" rig for Kindling "Hush"
March: Bunnies recording. sessions with this band are always mind-bending and lots of fun.

Bunnies rule. If you like this pic, you'll like their music!

April: Giraffes? Giraffes! recording! This was a difficult session. the music is a lot of fun to listen to, but to record it and help piece it together is an entirely different experience. I can't wait for it's release in 2018! It's so good!
Old vs New. G?G! guitar rig

May: Future Teens Mixing I love this band! this record is out!

June: Jeffery Foucault Mixing. Jeff is a long time client/friend. I think we've made recordings together for about 10 years no. This record is his best.
Magic vocal sound

July: Gary War mixing. I am beyond excited for this record's release. I think people are going to flip out, like i did while mixing it!!!!!

August: Body/Head recording - Bill and Kim made a record so incredibly different than their previous. Better in my opinion.
Bill n Kim dig some playback

September: Zak Trojano recording. I love Zak's music. his sessions are always among my favorite. This one was produced by David Goodrich and I'd say it was a perfect example of excellent teamwork.
Goody riding the faders

October: Late Bloomer - I loved making this record. sooo much. it's going to be a big one for 2018.
N.C. sweet dudes

November: Fucko - completely in love with this band. we're ALMOST done! fine-tuning on the mixes, mastering and that's it.

December: Wild Pink - this was a special recording that gave me chills, tears, etc.. it's got a big vibe and sounds beautiful. Their first full-length was well received.. and I adored that record. This one is absolutely the next level.

Altec working hard on lead vocals for the mix

And while we're talkin 2017 highlights, here are some new pieces of gear I got for sonelab:

Matamp GT120 clone by Hilbish Design and built by Jim Metz. This amp is loud but incredibly musical-sounding. It has quickly become a staple in my backline.

Scamp S-01 compressor/limiters. Scamp is a modular offshoot of ADR. The S-01 compressor is a fet compressor like the ADR Compex. I've been using it on drum buss, guitar tracking, and vocal tracking since I got my first pair. Now I have 4 of them and I am realizing I need more!

Warm Audio WA87 - these are Warm Audio's clones of classic Neumann u87s. They're great and while they don't perfectly do what an 87 does, they're just plain great microphones. I use them on all sorts of things! Drum overheads, acoustic guitar, bass cab, upright bass, background vocals, lead vocals.. they're great all-arounders.

Warms over head!

Daking Fet II compressor - these compressors are amazingly versatile with auto-release settings that include Compex, Neve 33609, Fairchild, plus extreme fast release settings that remind me of an 1176.

Magnatone m35 amplifier - this amp is massive and loud. It's solid state but the tone is perfectly clean without being sterile. It drives nicely, too. It has 2 15 speakers, two horns up top, and two ports in the middle.

Sans Amp rack unit - these old things rule. If you've got a guitar track that isn't quite rippin enough or bass that needs extra push in the chorus, this is THE box.

Deluxe Big Muff - the original deluxe big muff is a Soul Preacher compressor with an Op-Amp version of the Big Muff. It's probably the most affordable way to get your hands on an original Op-Amp big muff. It's AWESOME. the compressor is a little crazy-sounding but I can imagine using it for something. The fact that you can blend the fuzz with the clean/compressed tones is pretty cool. It'll be great for bass tracking!

Klon KTR - this is basically a Klon Centaur. I got rid of my Klon when I got this!

Steinway upright from 1903. I'd been on the hunt for one of these for years. I finally found one for an amazing price in great condition.

Bryston 4b power amp - total game-changer. I had been using an old NAD power amp for like 10 years. It was fine until it started showing signs of fatigue. I found a Bryston 4b for a great price and went ahead and grabbed it! I feel that my mixes improved pretty much instantly.

There's a lot more gear and many more projects to talk about! Drop me a line if you'd like to chat about gear, recording, or your projects. I'm here and I'm psyched!

PEACE and happy New Year!

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