Friday, November 13, 2015

fall update

hi everyone.

it's been way too long since i've made a post on this blog. it's mostly because i've been pretty busy: a good thing.

Lots of great projects have been happening at sonelab, but also, in other studios. Since my last post, a ton of projects I've been lucky enough to work on have come out. Here's a cool list of some of them. I should point out that these bands are 100% quality and I'd heartily stand by the music on these records!

Lou Barlow - Brace the Wave (Joyful Noise)
Parquet Courts - Monastic Living (Rough Trade)
Kindling - Galaxies (No Idea)
Ex-Breathers - Past Tense (Exploding in Sound/Hex)
Jake Meginsky - Vandals (Open Mouth Records)
Sweet John Bloom - Weird Prayer (Tiny Engines)
Destroy This Place - Animal Rites (Forge Again)
Dead Painters - Aluminum Gold (self)
Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Fortunate Some (Self)
Thee Arcadians - We've Come for Your Parents (Feeding Tube)

Most of your reading this blog have probably spent time with me in the studio. For those who haven't and are curious about what it's like, here's a little promo for Lou Barlow's newest record. It was made by Lou and Adam Harding. He's done some incredible work in video and in music. check him out!

Here's Lou's promo video, mostly filmed around Sonelab during the making of his new record. It's funny AND cool!

Here's a brief bit of news:

I spent the entire month of October working at other studios. It was nice to have a break from Sonelab! I felt fresh and ready to get back in there! The first half of the month was spent up in West Hurley, NY at a studio called Dreamland. It's been on top "top 5 studios to work at before you die" list (you all have one of those, right??), and so it happened, with NYC's Parquet Courts. We spend 14 days record their forthcoming full length. It was an amazing time. We had fun and made one hell of a record. Got pretty far out, too....
Here was my view at Dreamland. This API sounded amazing!
PC drums in the church
Some cool dudes, right here. Note andrew jammin in the background.
was nice to have 8 pultecs hangin around :)

The second half of the month was spent in western Mass at a different studio working on a different project. Now I'm pretty much back to working at Sonelab and I love it!!

December, January, and Feb all have some opening, but oddly, March does not. Please write me if you'd like to talk about your project, book a session, or just talk shop. Thanks!

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