Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Day, Alright.

I've mentioned Bunny's A Swine here before. It's fairly obvious that I really love this band. I was a fan before I got to work with them and now that we've done two releases together, seeing their evolution, I feel extremely lucky.

Yesterday was the official release date for their second full length "All Day, Alright" on Candace's new and excellent Tiny Radars record label. We recorded the basics at Q Division and overdubbed/mixed at my old space in Eastworks. I think it sounds really great and to listen to the actual record is where it shines!

Bunny's A Swine will be celebrating the release of this record tomorrow night at the Sierra Grill with more excellent bands..

Graph - This trio is one of the area's finest and you should definitely check them out, if you haven't already. If you have seen them, then I suggest checking in! They just released a 7" on Tiny Radars. Side A was recorded/mixed by me and Side B was mixed by me!

Quilty - This is a band I know very little about. I visited their blog when I saw them on the bill and was floored. From the songs on their blog, I can only assume their live show will deliver. Word has it that one of the members has relocated from NYC to Northampton. I guess that means we'll be seeing more Quilty around here. YAY!

Support local bands, venues, and record labels on Thursday night at the Sierra Grill!


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