Justin Pizzoferrato Selected Discography

                           Band.                                   Album.                                Credit.               Year.
          Dinosaur Jr                           I Bet On Sky                        Engineer             2012

 Bug Live at 9:30 Club: In the Hands of the Fans            Dinosaur Jr                          Bug Live (DVD and LP)      Mix/Engineer            2013

          Heavy Blanket                     Heavy Blanket                     Mix/Engineer      2012

                               Banditas                              Save the Rats                      Engineer              2012

                               Body Head                          Body Head                          Mix/Engineer      2012

                               Fancy Trash                         As Is                                   Mix/Engineer      2012  

                                Aye Nako                         Unleash Yourself                   Mix/Engineer         2013

         Elder                                    Spires Burn/Release            Mix/Engineer      2012

         Hush Arbors                        Split w/ Arboretum              Mix                     2012

          Speedy Ortiz                       Sports EP                             Mix                     2012

 Major Arcana             Speedy Ortiz                       Major Arcana   Mix/Engineer      2013  

Chelsea Light Moving             Chelsea Light Moving        s/t          Mix/Engineer        2013

California X              California X                       s/t              Mix/Engineer        2013

          MV & EE                            Space Homestead                Engineer             2012


          Dinosaur Jr                         Bug: Live at the 9:30..         Mix                     2012

          Thurston Moore                  Demolished Thoughts         Engineer             2011

          Happy Jawbone Family Band     Ok Midnight, You Win!      Mix/Engineer       2011

          Boston Spaceships             Let it Beard                         Engineer             2011

                               Guillermo Sexo                 Secret Wild                        Mix/Engineer     2011

                               Big Nils                             Sibling                                Engineer             2011

                               Zak Trojano                       Zak Trojano                        Mix/Engineer     2011

                               Jeffrey Foucalt                  Horse Latitudes                   Engineer             2011
                               Bunny's A Swine               All Day, Alright                  Mix/Engineer     2011

                               Suicide Dolls                     Payers in Parking Lots        Mix/Engineer     2011

                               This Frontier Needs Heroes      The Future                            Mix/Engineer     2011

                               Kris Delmhorst                  Cars                                      Engineer            2011

          Bunwinkies                       Map of Our New Constellation   Mix/Engineer       2011

          J Mascis                             Several Shades of Why      Engineer              2011

          Black Pyramid                   II                                        Mix/Engineer      2011

          Elder                                  Dead Roots Stirring           Mix                     2011

          California X                       Sucker/Mummy                Mix/Engineer       2011

          Country Mice                     Twister                              Mix                      2011

          Sweet Apple                       Love and Desperation      Engineer              2010

          Fat Worm of Error              Broods                             Mix/Engineer       2010

          MV & EE                           Barn Nova                        Mix/Engineer      2010

                               Cold Satellite                    Cold Satellite                    Mix/Engineer      2010

          Black Pyramid                   Split w/ Old One               Mix                      2010

          Doomstar!                          Rainbow Bloodsucker      Mix/Engineer       2010

         Sunburned Hand of the Man      A                                       Engineer              2010

          Dinosaur Jr                        Farm                                 Engineer              2009

          Sonic Youth                      The Eternal                       Assistant              2009

          Hush Arbors                     Yankee Reality                  Engineer/Mix       2009

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